Anil Prajapati

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Hi, Great that you have found this text inside this dark days. I am Anil Prajapati also called Anil Prajapati Newa.
I am Software Engineer currently working at Asmex Digital located in Sydney, Australia.
I have been working in different role or some say I were different hat in my organisation as Full stack developer, Server administrator, Backend developer and Dev Ops while working here.

Programming is what I do and what I love while any technology related stuff is my hobby. One of my major language is PHP language which I use most of the time. Other languages I use at my work are Javascript with React Js, Python and MySQL in our system. Another hobby is trying to automate works as much as possible and also advancing my knowledge of Python programming language. I have been doing some small projects as a hobby in python and some of the quick ones and interesting ones were with face recognition libraries and motion detection in python.

I am big fan of Open Source and I really like Linux. :D Even I use windows, as a part of Server Administrator role at work, I use terminal a lot to maintain our linux servers, almost more than 5 servers to maintain. It is also one of my big hobby to learn and automate stuff with linux bash scripts. I have created so many ( so many as in more than 4 or 5 ) bash scripts to automate various works, to automate some productions works and also for myself while development works.

Thank you for your time given to read my words. I hope I reflected myself here properly in proper English ;)

Anil Prajapati Newa

Thats me as well